Catriona: experience sailing on an extraordinary classic yacht  

Catriona is available for Classic Yacht Regattas in New England:  

Race in Maine in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta.   Join the Classic Yacht Regatta in Narragansett Bay and the

Opera House Cup in Nantucket or I.Y.R.S Race Week, Eastern Long Island Classics, and the Herreshoff

Museum Regatta,  just to mention a few classic yacht races.



                                   Saloon looking forward



Under sail


Catriona offers spirited sailing on one of L. Francis Herreshoff’s most memorable & classic designs.  

Four guests may be accommodated in two double state rooms and pampered by a

professional crew, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Experience cruising from beautiful Nantucket Sound to the sparkling shores of the Elizabeth

Islands, or being rowed ashore between the majestic rocky cliffs of main’s breathtaking coast

for a traditional New England lobster bake.